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Presidential Aspirant, Mathias Tsado Withdraws From The 2019 Presidential Election

According to him:
Good morning my dear friends, this is to inform you all that we were unable to persuade our party Action Democratic Party (ADP) to accept our offer of issuing the party presidential ticket to us in confidence.

The need for the request came as a result of the high cost of both expression of interest and the nomination form which cost N800,000 and N8,000,000.00 respectively.
It's therefore means that our name shall not be submitted to INEC for 2019 presidential elections.

We did all we could to make the party see our project as a national project that would attract the necessary support and funding in due course but the party was not convinced about this.
I want to thank you All most profoundly for your undiluted support, it has been a journey made possible by you all, although  this was not the end intended, it has been worth each minute of it.

Through the course of this journey, I have been privileged to meet people who have torched my life with kindness that is out of this world, love and support that can only be cherished but not possible to return.

While the political activities remained open and running, we shall continue to observe with keen interest the atmosphere to decide on the next line of action.

I'm most grateful to those who gave their time, resources and valuable items to this project, may the almighty God reward you in many folds.

To the party, I remained  a firm believer of our social values, and a committed member of the pursuit for an inclusive society that is built on fundamental human rights, dignity and respect, these are not only values from the party but my long held beliefs that I intend to cherish forever.

Let me thank specially our indefatigable state coordinators for their resilience and commitment, it has been your struggle and you have done well in this project.

To millions who have come to join the MBT community from far and near, from social the social space and via spiritual contact, I'm most grateful to you all, this is not the final destination for this journey, but a new twist to the struggle to free our people from oppression and desire to set them up on the part of true freedom and sustainable development.

I thank you All for the opportunity to be part of your lives.
God bless you All.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

MBT Media Team.


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