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LOVE NIGERIA OR LEAVE HER!! - A Call to Order by Sam Ikoku

This message is coming close to midnight and its significance should not be lost in the noise.

A time is coming, and it is even now almost upon us that if you hold dual Nationality, are an economic felon, a known separatist, stooge of any shade, or of unverifiable ancestry you will not be allowed to hold elective office in Nigeria. Non-invested people have messed up our drive to build a great nation for far too long. Only true blood, pure hearts and patriotic souls will steer this nation.

Our borders will no longer be porous, and miscreants, pirates and opportunists that have ravaged this country for centuries will be fished out and kept out. The serpentine ethnic alliances that have infiltrated our peace will be beheaded at our boundaries. The blood of our youth will no longer be shed in vain.

The premise of our union will be resolved once and for all, and division is not an option. Our young men will die for honour, our young women will live for it, with each new generation born into it, as our elders pass in peace.

Territories known to aid and abet terrorists will feel the might of our collective resolve and the entire economic region will never doubt our projected political, industrial and military power.

Religion will bring peace or be eliminated. Meritocracy will be the core of our democracy. Tribalism will be met with capital punishment. Leaders will be held accountable in real-time by citizen action, and hostile foreign powers will be met with equal and unrelenting force.

To the chosen, hitherto scattered around the world to lead in science, technology, design and development, engineering and medicine, education and law enforcement this is the clarion call to return and uplift the motherland! Once again the flag will flutter our hearts and the anthem strengthen our resolve.

Let no one from this time forth mess with Nigeria in any way, form or fashion. Heed the warning while it is yet a whisper. The time has come to love Nigeria or leave her.


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