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AMB.PIEGBE, EMMANUEL UEBARI Declares Intention to Contest for Governor of Imo State 2019


Addressing journalist and political associates, shortly after the stakeholders meeting of *PDP Global Ambassadors World-Wide* held in Top Echelon Height Hotel, stadium road, Port Harcourt the Rivers State Capital, the Ogoni-Land born emerging leader and Chairman of the Group, *Amb.Piegbe, Emmanuel Uebari* officially declares his intention to *Contest* the exalted office of the *GOVERNOR OF RIVERS STATE 2019.

It could be recalled that *Amb. Piegbe, Emmanuel Uebari* publicly hinted his intention to contest for *RIVERS STATE GOVERNOR 2019* in October last year (2017) build-up to the *PDP National Convention* and at the occasion of the flagg-up of *H.E, HIGH CHIEF BODE GEORGE* intention to run for the *PDP National Chairmanship Race, held in Lagos.*

Amb.Piegbe... further noted in Port Harcourt that he was *"Not-Too-Young-To-Rule, Rivers State".* Stressing that since 1967, over *Fifty (50) Years ago, Rivers State was created, never in history- opportunity has never been given to any OGONI-MAN to be GOVERNOR, DEPUTY GOVERNOR, SPEAKER or CHIEF JUDGE of RIVERS STATE.*

Ogoni-land has contributed to Rivers State and the National Wealth of Nigeria, an *estimated revenue of over Eight Hundred Billion US dollars ($800,000,000,000. 00)* from Oil & Gas Exploration, for the past Sixty (60)Years, Yet the *UNEP REPORT on OGONI CLEAN-UP* is yet to be fully implemented.

It is disheartening to note that *since 1957, over Sixty (60) Years ago,* that Oil & Gas, was struck in commercial quantity in Ogoni-land, by Shell Development Company Ltd, from the following Oil Field:

1. Bodo West Oil & Gas Field in Ogoni-land;
2. Bomu Oil & Gas Field in Ogoni-land;
3. Korokoro Oil & Gas Field in Ogoni-land;
4. Yorla Oil & Gas Field in Ogoni-land;
5. Wii-Yorgo-Kono Oil & Gas Field in Ogoni-land;
6. Luubara Creek Oil and Gas Field in Ogoni-land;
7. Kpean-Yorla Oil & Gas Field in Ogoni-land;
8. Tai Oil & Gas Field in Ogoni-land;
9. Eleme Oil & Gas Petrol-Chemical Field, all in Ogoni-land, Rivers State Nigeria.

*Ogoni-land has suffered  environmental pollution from Oil & Gas Exploration, my People are dying everyday, yet we have never been given opportunity to produce a  GOVERNOR or DEPUTY GOVERNOR, SPEAKER or CHIEF JUDGE of RIVERS STATE*.

The *2019 Governorship Aspirant, Amb.Piegbe, Emmanuel Uebari*, stated that GOD Almighty and his Zeal and Will to Serve Rivers State is his driving force, and in few days to come, his campaign office will be inaugurated in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State Capital, and in the 23 LGAs, down to the 319 Wards of Rivers State.

Amb.Piegbe... further caption his campaign slogan and posters as *ASSURANCE 2019* with a theme: *OGONI MANDATE FOR FREEDOM*. He elucidated on his campaign slogan as follows:

Quality Service Assured! Security Assured! Improved IGR, Assured! Quality Development Assured!  Industrialization Assured! Quality Education Assured! Quality Healthcare Assured! Vibrant  Economy Assured! Power Supply Assured! Youth Development Assured! Women Empowerment Assured! Prompt Payment of Civil Servants Salary Assured and Payments of Pensioners Assured... etc. *RIVERS STATE FUTURE IS ASSURED*.

*Won't you rather Vote for Amb.Piegbe, Emmanuel Uebari (Dem-Suanu 1, of Ogoni-land) for: GOVERNOR OF RIVERS STATE 2019.*


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