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Nigerian Blogger, Helen Ozor Shows off Sheraton Club Floor, Lagos

Nigerian Blogger, Helen Ozor known for her event blog Shows off Sheraton Club Floor, Lagos. Hear her story on this guided tour.

When I got invited by Sheraton Lagos to spend 24hours on the Club Floor, I was really looking forward to my stay . Why? Because the Club Floor was recently renovated and not many people in Nigeria are familiar with it. So it is great to introduce it to a few more people. Everything on the Club Floor is so grand. Below is how my stay went.
Was there any pre-arrival communication by the hotel with myself via email ?
Yes there was. We exchanged emails and I had my itinerary sent to me ahead in order to get me ready for my stay. But it was totally flexible and I had no special requests.
Did I try to engage the hotel via Social Media ? Did the hotel interact with me and make me feel welcome/special?

I had tweeted about my staycation at the hotel few days before and my tweet got retweeted by the hotel. My picture taken at the launch of the Club Floors got featured on Sheraton’s Instagram page . I was totally surprised. It’s good that the social media team is active online.

How quick and efficient was the hotel check-in?
From the moment I stepped into the hotel reception. A staff of the hotel helped me get my luggage all the way to the club floor on the 6th floor. I was impressed . Check-in was very short.
Did I feel genuinely welcomed by the hotel staff?
Yes. The lady at the reception (Mary) didn’t hesitate to get my needs met. She made sure I was comfortable and even called in a few minutes after I settled in my room to find out if I loved my room . Mary is a good host.
Wi-fi – was I told anything about it? Was there a charge?
Wifi was free of charge. Although I didn’t use because I had mine with me.

Booking your stay gives you access to a separate check-in and checkout. Upon check-in you are offered a complimentary glass of red or white wine and fruits.
Complimentary breakfast starts from 7am until 10:30am and extends to about 11am on weekends.

The rooms on the Club Floor have just been renovated and the decor is very nice, fresh I would say. No doubt if you’re in Lagos on business they have a very efficient Business Centre and all costs for the facilities are free.
Room Experience
First impressions – d├ęcor, size and wow factor
I totally loved my room at the club floor.

Welcome package
I chose a bottle of white wine.

The bed
I had a king size bed all to myself . It felt very comfortable, rolled over a couple of times and slept like a baby. The bed was super soft, relaxing and extremely comfortable.

Closet/Wardrobe – proper hangers not those annoying ones where you need a PhD to get them out one by one?
The closet had a ironing board, an a steam iron and also a safe for my jewelry.
Bathrobes and slippers
There was a bathrobe and slippers available.

Coffee and Tea
The beverages choice were good.
Free bottled water?
Four free table water. Two in the room and another two in the bathroom.
Magazine selection
No magazines in the room. I hardly see magazines in hotel rooms in Nigeria. I wonder why? Especially magazines on dining out in Lagos and things to do while in town.
Power sockets in very useful places.
Sheraton Hotel did get this part right. There were power sockets by the bed and another at my work station. I keep having more and more devices and I certainly know where I want power sockets. Sheraton Lagos didn’t disappoint me at all.
First impressions they say matter.
The marble, absolutely breathtaking. Too pretty. I could see through the room from the bathroom . Very unique and different from what I see at other hotels.
Bath, shower and taps – How fab was the shower? was I able to operate the shower without asking for help?
The shower was fantastic and pretty easy to operate. I didn’t need a PhD to get it working. The best I’ve seen.
Towels – yes, please! How many and how soft and lovely?
In total, I had about 5 towels in my bathroom and they were clean but not very soft.
Toiletries / Amenity kit
The vanity kits were okay, not fantastic. There wasn’t a sewing kit. Having sewing kits for the ladies is always helpful.
None at all
I missed lunch.

So usually, when I explore hotels, I don’t get restricted. I was restricted from taking pictures at the pool. I couldn’t even take my own personal pictures. A few times that I tried to, two staff walked up to me to stop me from taking pictures even after I told them the management knew that I was exploring. Apparently, some guests complain of not wanting to appear in other people’s pictures. Sheraton is very strict with taking pictures other than yours.

One place I love on the club floor is the club lounge located on the 6th floor. I figured that majority of those who stay on the club floor are very sophisticated people. The club lounge has an exquisite ambience. Perfect for relaxation and meetings. Happy hour at the club lounge starts at 5pm until 7pm. You are allowed to have coffee and cookies from 7am
So, the high point for me during breakfast was me watching the chef prepare my meal. Breakfast is buffet and all I ate cost about N7,500. I had tea, bread and eggs, cakes and a glass of orange juice. Another high point was getting to meet a staff who happened to be my namesake and another staff who were both my classmates in primary school. Breakfast was Fab.

There are no stable rates . If occupancy is high, rates are high. If it’s low then you book at normal rates. Which could be about 109k per night and 84k during the weekend. Weekend rates starts from Friday till Monday morning.
Would I recommend Sheraton Club to my best friend?
Absolutely. I didn’t feel like leaving. I loved my room totally. I would even recommend the Club Lounge to couples’. The club lounge is perfect for wedding pictures .
Would I stay again?
Yes. Infact, I’ll pack my bags immediately. I didn’t feel like leaving.
Disclaimer: I was a guest at Sheraton Lagos during this stay. My thoughts about the property are mine and hasn’t been influenced by the management.
Thank you Sheraton Lagos for the invitation.

For more information about Sheraton Lagos, do visit the official website –


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