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The Pessimism, The Ignorance and The Young Nigerian On Politics - Jenny Chisom

Nigeria's first Male empowerment blogger, Jenny Chisom lent her voice to politics focused on the mindset of some young Nigeria. Here is it unedited:

For Those young people who think no matter what a younger Nigerian does, he or she cannot win the likes of Buhari, Atiku and the statesmen in a Free and fair election; and those who even believe that no matter what happens, elections can never be free and fair in Nigeria, read and react later:

I see all you young but clueless people everywhere online and offline and my heart goes out for you.

It is obvious you do not believe that there comes a time in the life of a nation when young people decide to take back their nation and by their numbers, can achieve it.

What you call 'experience' as qualitfication for running for elective office is laughable, failed, greedy, people who have no jobs than hoodwink people with lies abi?.

You never consider that 'experience' means having a track record of building successful businesses, building people, building systems that are verifiable, understanding governance and having a huge love-for-nation as major drive.

You also think, politics should be 'a career, where you start by depending on bribes and handouts while carrying people's bags up and down, until a godfather finances your charade into office' abi?.

You have no clue then! It will take you by surprise...

On popularity, you forget that the Buharis and Atikus of these nation, where unknown until they were projected for office, the very first time they came along.

Is there any one Nigerian (apart from some celebrities) who is popular in every nook and cranny of the country?

Imagine you, thinking people like Fela Durotoye are not even known (at least amongst the community of varied people they empower)! Laughable.

It is sad, you have your retrogressive belief on Nigeria's political future, practices and strategy because your facts are from 'what has always been'.

I advise you go on and vote who you want but do keep your 'weakness at fighting for development' away from the rest of us.

2019 we will decide!

(C) Jenny Chisom
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